My Cakes

Bryson's Minion Cake


I made this cake for my grandson Bryson. It's a stacked layer cake covered in fondant with matching cupcakes. To add a fun twist to this cake, the layers inside were yellow, blue and purple cake.

Baby Bumb


This style vake is very popular now. The layers are two 5" rounds and a stacked 8" round. Covered in white fondant with black zebra strips and a purple bow.

Noah's Dinosaur Cake


I make this cake for my other grandson Noah. He loves dinosaurs! I stacked a 8" on a 10" round. We decorated it with gum paste gate and topper. Noah added his own dinosaurs.

Gum Paste Calla Lillies


This cake was an anniversary for a classmates' parents. All off the piping was with buttercream icing. I decorated it with gum paste calla lilies I made which was very easy.

Country Burlap Rose


My favorite country wedding cake. This is a 3 tiered cake with burlap and lace ribbon around each layer. I made burlap roses to add to the flower sprays on each layer.

Elegant Christmas Wedding


Small but elegant! This little wedding cake turned out lovely. I made gum paste poinsettias and snowflakes to adorn this buttercream frosted cake.