Frequently Asked Questions

Can you design sugar eggs for me?

Yes! I can create panoramic sugar eggs just for you and personalize them with names or a message. 

What is in this large Easter sugar egg?

This was a custom ordered sugar egg. It s a large egg and was decorated with royal icing daffodils, violets and gum paste lily of the valley. The scene inside has a large Easter baskets filled with Easter eggs. Nestled in front is a brown bunny and a sitting lamb.  Flowers are placed all around the scene as well.  Here's a link to order this egg:  JoEtta

How do you ship them?

I ship via USPS.

Eggs are shipped individually to ensure a safe delivery. However, in the event that damage does occur, please contact me. I am not responsible for how the post office handles your package. I pack them very well and normally have very successful deliveries. 

More Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a panoramic sugar Easter egg?

At least a week. But please allow up to two weeks.

It take several days to make the sugar egg shell. 

A day or two to make the flowers and animals. 

Another day to decorate the sugar egg. 

A few days to cure(dry), longer if it rains.

How long has Beth been making sugar eggs?

 I have been making sugar eggs for many years. Over 15 years. My grandmother taught me cake decorating as a child. I remember being fascinated by her sugar eggs and decorating my own egg in her kitchen.  

Can I order a large blue sugar egg like this one?

Yes. This  is a simple but lovely large blue upright sugar egg. It is decorate with yellow daffodils. On the back is a banner going across to house a name. Inside the scene consist of a gaint Easter egg with smaller eggs in front of it, a white goose nestled in grass surrounded by flowers. 

Here's a link to order this egg:   posting link soon.