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Handcrafted Panoramic Sugar Eggs

We cannot take any more custom orders at this time. Any other purchases made after April 2nd cannot be guaranteed delivery by Easter.  Please email me before purchasing.

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How To Create Your Own Panoramic Sugar Easter Eggs

Learn how to make your own sugar eggs.  I give you detailed step by step instructions, recipes as well as  tons of photos. Sugar eggs make great gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Plus, you get the links to my favorite gum paste recipe and where I get my supplies!

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Small Panoramic Sugar Easter Egg - Green Spring Fling


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Green Spring Fling is a cute small sugar egg with a end view that is filled with a white bunny, Easter egg and flowers. On Top the sugar egg is decorated with royal icing white dots and large drop flowers. There is room on the egg to put a  short name in the front.  Placement of flowers or animal may vary slightly due to it being handmade. 

· Color of this egg is green

· Size of this egg is approximately 4” deep x 3.5” wide x 3.5” tall.

· Flowers on this egg are light blue large drop flowers. 

· Animal in this egg is a white bunny. (Made from gum paste)

· Borders are yellow and white

· Ruffle is white

· All decorations are handmade with royal icing unless noted otherwise.

· Eggs will keep for years with proper care and storage. Care instruction included.

How To Make Panoramic Sugar Eggs eBook

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Sugar Eggs

Blue Bunny


Small blue sugar egg with an end view.

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My First Easter - Pink


Small pink & white sugar egg with a side view.

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My First Easter - Blue


Small blue & white sugar egg with a side view.

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Medium Sugar Egg

sugar eggs with scenes inside, sugareggs.com, panoramic sugar eggs

Medium white sugar egg with a side view.

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Spring Flowers


Medium pink upright sugar egg with front view.

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Purple Flowers


Small yellow sugar egg with side view.

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Panoramic Sugar Easter Egg Views

Large side view sugar eggs

Large side view sugar egg

In our large sugar eggs , you get 3 animals plus scenery and several flower choices.

Medium side view sugar eggs


 In our medium panoramic sugar eggs , you get 2 animals plus scenery and two flower choices. 

Back of Medium sugar eggs


These royal icing flowers are yellow daffodils and purple violets.

Upright Small Lattace sugar eggs


This is my personal favorite. The upright sugar egg is perfect for a cross in the background and one animal, two flower choices. 

Small end view sugar eggs


This style of sugar egg is famous for its "peekaboo" quality. You can look deep into the scenery to find one animal, flowers and more.

Small Lattice upright sugar eggs


This is how I make the scenery inside the sugar eggs. Building the scenes in two parts then glue together with icing. So much fun!

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